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Chocolate workshops

  Chocolate temptations workshops - chocolate workshop for adults

if you ...

Want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary...

Looking for an activity for a bachelorette party,

want to get to know the world of chocolate,

Or you just want to pamper yourself in a sweet atmosphere.

        invites you to indulge in a sweet workshop in...

        for 3 hours - 

        We will get an explanation about the world of chocolate,

       We will make truffles, pralines, chocolate coins and a chocolate cocktail.

             The workshops are held in small groups, 

             You can coordinate a date and time for the workshop, 

             It is also possible to hold a workshop at the customer's home.

Shokolica - chocolate workshop for children

If you are looking for an activity for children on vacation,

want to celebrate a sweet birthday,

Thinking of a sweet family activity,

invites you to a sweet workshop.

For two hours we heard about the chocolate process,

We will make stuffed chocolates, chocolate "candies" on a stick, a chocolate bomb...

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