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my vision

אסתי זעירא

I believe that each of us must share the fruits of our successes with the other.

Committed to making premium chocolate products from the best raw materials.

strives to bring the joy of chocolate to everyone  And make every day and every moment sweeter, more magical.


Works on making designed chocolates in a variety of shapes, colors and flavors.

Reads, studies and makes sure to progress and add knowledge.

Glad to contribute to hard-to-find populations, adults and children.

The perfect place for pralines and workshops. 

Want to taste?

As in many successful cases, my business also started with a passion for chocolate along with a lot of hard work​.

In 2012, during a family stay in New York, a friend came to work with a tray of pralines. After I tasted and enjoyed it, I started to get curious about the way pralines are made.

Several more years and countless attempts passed. Treating family, neighbors and friends.

After I retired from teaching, I decided to dedicate myself to the world  Chocolate. I finished a chocolatier course and started producing in my studio. 

Loyal to the task of producing delicious and unique chocolate, does not give up the use of the best ingredients and gives her heart in every order.

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